Thursday, January 28, 2010

Event Planning

SPS this week is a big meeting!

We have been invited by some teachers in the Lawrence area to come and help get kids interested in Science!

This Friday at 4:00 (room 3005 Malott) we will be planning these events!

We have events coming up at:Central Junior High -- Date TBD
Demonstrations to help explain material covered in Science classes!

Schwegler Elementary -- Feb 24th (evening) Demonstrations to help kick-off school science fair projects. Spend time talking with students and help them develop an idea for their own project!

2010 Douglas County Science and Engineering Fair -- Feb. 3rd & 4th
Judge entries!

Please come and help us put together some great activities!

If you cannot make the meeting and would still like to help out, please send me an email at so that we can keep you in the loop!

~Chris M

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First Meeting of 2010

SPS will resume meetings this Friday January 22
4 p.m. in 3005 Malott

This Week we will be having Dr. Zhao to introduce a newly opened undergraduate research position.

REU (Research Experience for Undergrads) application deadlines are aproaching fast. We will be proving some information on the application process. REUs provide an excellent opportunity to get into resaerch.

Hope to see everyone there,
--Eric C.

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